Little Jar of ✨Magic

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The organic butters, oil and essential oils in this magical lotion have an amazing synergistic effect on post work out muscles, morning stiffness and achy joints. All of the ingredients were chosen for their moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties.

Try this lotion in place of Bengay or Vaseline Intensive Care. Not only will you be supporting the health of your skin you’ll be doing it with non-toxic, nourishing lotion that carries the aroma of lemongrass and frankincense.



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Works like ✨Magic

4 reviews for Little Jar of ✨Magic

  1. Karen Blair

    I have Cerebal Palsy which over the years has done a number on my joints. I have been using Little Jar Of Magic for 6 months now, twice a day. It definitely helps reduce inflammation and feels and smells amazing. I can’t live without it! Great stuff!

  2. Ruth Gessner

    My whole family loves this product!!! My son is an athlete who didn’t think it would work now uses it quite often for muscles aches and spams. I use it daily for my back and legs because I work long hours on my feet and it helps immensely!! I would recommend this product to anyone suffering from aches and pains. I’ll be honest on days where I know I’m working a 15 hour shift I put this cream all over!!!

  3. Brian Mackenzie

    I’ve been using this little Jar of Magic for over a year on my legs where I suffer from edema and Varicose veins. It definitely helps with the leg pains and more. Thank you.

  4. Tricia

    I love this lotion! It smells amazing and lasts a long time. And I love that it’s all natural!

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