About Me

I sat with a friend recently, pulled out my vision “journal” (cuz a board just isn’t big enough) and laid out the foundation of A Positive Change 4RG. She actually stuttered, leaned forward to touch the journal and said, “Margo……it looks like you’re trying to change the whole world.”

I replied, “I AM”.

I’ve been a thinker my entire life but with the advent of the internet and new technologies thinking was taken to a whole new level. The ability to find answers to virtually every question that arose at my fingertips only served to  create a thirst for more knowledge. Thanks to  Google, I was able to discover the reasons why I felt so different throughout my life.  Thanks to social media I’ve learned I AM not alone and there are many people like me.

I AM a spiritual and highly intuitive Empath with a very creative and analytical problem solving ability. Driven by altruistic desires, it’s my hope to create positive changes in the environment through small incremental steps that impact the world in monumental ways. By building a tribe of innovative and forward Thinkers, teaching them to be Leaders and solving problems, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

I hope to educate the population on relevant health issues in the areas of Antibiotic Resistance, Complementary & Alternative Medicine,  Autoimmune Disease, Stress & Pain Management and Holistic Nutrition. 

MARGO MAGIC CREATIONS hosts products made with essential oils and other natural & organic ingredients that will support health and wellness while decreasing your exposure to chemicals and toxins found in many skincare products. Customized boxes and baskets can be purchased for loved ones grieving when a card just isn’t enough or to improve the experience of time while receiving chemotherapy or dialysis. Feel free to contact me regarding any of my products.

CONTACT me with any and all questions, stories, ideas or to join my tribe.