APosChange4RG seeks to “promote” up to date research in the areas of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in alignment with the National Prevention Strategy, Essential Oils for the antibiotic resistance crisis in alignment with The National Action Plan & World Health Organization and the effectiveness of Frankincense, Myrrh and Cannabis against cancer cells in alignment with The Cancer Moonshot Initiative.

APosChange4RG provides Health & Wellness Coaching for those looking to improve their quality of life while living with a chronic disease. Chronic disease is a crisis affecting over 50 million Americans while also creating a significant cost burden on the healthcare system. On average, from onset of symptoms to diagnosis of an Autoimmune disease takes 2 to 5 years, many different doctors appointments and a multitude of lab tests. The Gut-Brain connection and the Microbiome have become a booming area of research and development. Research in this area will have a profound effect on the treatment and prevention of Autoimmune disease.

APosChange4RG has key goals for educating the public and healthcare facilities on health and wellness prevention programs, alternative forms of pain management, addiction treatment & ways to acclimate those recovering from addiction back into productive members of society.

Please contact APosChange4RG if you are interested in joining this movement.